Unlock Performance Skills for Your 2021 Sales Growth

Unlock Performance Skills for Your 2021 Sales Growth

Throughout this year, Lynn Whitbeck and Patrick Carter shared their 11 power skills – outlined in the acronym of PERFORMANCE skills – readying you to see sales growth in 2021. Find out how it all ties together in this final installment of the series, but moreover, discover how you can carry these insights into a successful new year.

Listen to the new podcast below to learn how your performance skills can spell sales growth in 2021:

For us to find success in the year ahead, we’ll need to come armed with not only knowledge and trajectories of the future, but also with key performance skills. Luckily, Lynn and Patrick have spent much of this year detailing the top 11 skills that will ensure an upward lift.

It all started with Problem Solving, the ability to not only address issues, but foresee them and plan ahead. We then learned about Engagement, outlining why it’s so vital to connect with others and foster an inclusive atmosphere. With Resilience – a key word that’s defined much of 2020 in general! – we saw the value of working through the challenges so you can come out on top.

Flexibility has been another instrumental part of this year, but don’t forget how it can have major impacts on your sales career! On a related note, Originality can be the key to not only standing out, but actually getting the sale. And remember, a little Resourcefulness can go a long way to overcoming tough spots.

Patrick and Lynn encouraged us all to channel our inner Magnate, but they also commended how Agility can transform your career. We all know that Negotiation is a make-it-or-break-it skill, but Lynn and Patrick shared how you can finally master it.

As Patrick and Lynn showed, Collaboration is vital for any career, and especially one in sales. Finally, the duo ended with the related importance of Exchanging Information.

In this final podcast, Lynn and Patrick bring these performance skills all together and show how they will set you up for a tremendous 2021.

Before you go, be sure to check out Patrick’s website, Elite Sales Institute. You can also follow Patrick on Twitter with the Elite Sales Institute: Where professional sales careers are created.

With this last installment, we’ve now made it through the entire “PERFORMANCE” in sales acronym with Lynn and Patrick. Be sure to listen to all the previous episodes for more in-depth discussions.

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