How 11 Power Skills Will Swiftly Boost Your Career

How 11 Power Skills Will Swiftly Boost Your Career

In 2019, we were glad to have sales leader Patrick Carter join us for a podcast about the retail apocalypse. That discussion went so well that we now get Patrick back for a whole 12-part series! To kick off this series, he and our CEO Lynn introduce listeners to the 11 power skills you need to boost your sales career.

It all comes down to PERFORMANCE, an acronym that will help you remember each valuable attribute. From problem solving to flexibility to exchanging information, get a preview of all 11 power skills below:

Patrick and Lynn have both worked in sales for years, and they’ve learned first-hand what it takes to succeed and excel to the top. In this new podcast, they discuss how they worked their way up and how they determined the top 11 power skills every sales professional needs.

While this is just a preview of PERFORMANCE, the next 11 episodes will dive into each of the attributes in turn. Every three weeks, we’ll share the next episode in this sales skills crash course. The series begins here, so don’t miss your introduction to the topic. Stay tuned for the rest of the podcasts, too, because they’ll provide all the details you need.

Be sure to check out Patrick’s website, Elite Sales Institute. You can also follow Patrick on Twitter with the Elite Sales Institute: Where professional sales careers are created.

Are you ready to dive in? Listen to the first installment on sales power skills below:

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