Our Team

Petite2Queen is a tight-knit team focused on helping women kick-start their lives and careers. We share wisdom and insights so young women are better prepared to tackle obstacles and seize opportunities. We offer collective experience and success from a range of generations and perspectives.

Lynn Whitbeck and Kristina Olson started Petite2Queen to share their wealth of knowledge with young women. They are powerhouse experts with a combined 75 years of success. Although they come from similar career backgrounds, Lynn and Tina have very different characters, viewpoints, and life paths. Together, Lynn and Tina have a wide spectrum of experience and expertise.

The Petite2Queen team is complemented with dynamic millennial women. Vice President of Operations Amanda Whitbeck, Vice President of Marketing Alison Rollins, and Director of Content Rachel Whitbeck provide fresh understandings and observations on what young women are facing today.

Lynn and Tina have “been there, done that,” while Amanda, Alison, and Rachel are in it with you. Together, we strive to inspire young women to live their best life through the Petite2Queen community.

Lynn Whitbeck Co-Founder

Lynn Whitbeck
Co-Founder &
Tina Olson Co-Founder

Tina Olson
Amanda Whitbeck Director of Music & Web

Amanda Whitbeck
Vice President of Operations
Alison Rollins Director of Marketing

Alison Rollins
Vice President of Marketing

Rachel Whitbeck Director of Operations and Communications

Rachel Whitbeck
Director of Content