Frequently Asked Questions

Lynn and Tina concocted the name Petite2Queen at a hotel restaurant. When they looked at themselves, they saw the physical difference between them: Tina is petite while Lynn is queen-sized. They felt that such a variation was illustrative of the purpose of the company: providing uplifting and useful content to women of all sizes, shapes, colors, philosophies, etc. The name Petite2Queen represents Lynn and Tina, as well as all women.
As a member of Petite2Queen, you will have access to content designed specifically for young women. Watch our webinars, listen to our podcasts, and read our blogs and book to gain insights into how to approach situations you may face. Members also have access to a forum to discuss with one another any topics that might be concerning them. Additionally, members have the opportunity to ask our founders, Lynn and Tina, questions through our Ask Lynn & Tina column.
Yes! Petite2Queen’s content is designed to serve young women (18-35 or so), but women and men of any age can find helpful insights and information here. We love to hear from differing perspectives, so everyone is welcome to join our community.

Our book, Practical Wisdoms @ Work, is available as an e-book and in paperback. Find it at the following retailers: Kindle, iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Playster, 24symbols, and paperback on Amazon. We also sell the paperback book right here at Petite2Queen!

We are more than happy to speak at your event. Email us at to discuss your event.
Our contact page lists the ways in which you can reach us. You can also message us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.