Sales Tips: How to Leverage Guest Podcasts to Grow Your Business

There are many options to attract new customers, build rapport, and close more sales. Guest podcasting is an incredible opportunity to quickly and easily make an emotional connection with the audience. And, being a podcast guest establishes your authority, improves your SEO, and provides the ability to garner more influencer and media attention.

Okay, you may be thinking… This is all well and good for you, Lynn. You’re an extrovert and podcasting comes naturally. Actually, my first guest spot was terrible for the first 15 minutes. It was new, I was nervous, and the list goes on. We learn by doing. It’s that simple. If you stay out of the game for fear of failing, there is no chance to succeed.

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Let’s tune in with Amanda as she shares her story of overcoming her self-limiting beliefs to become a podcast rock star.

So, you see, you can do this. Remember, the unknown is where everything you don’t have lives. Podcasting is an amazing platform to tell your story and allow people to find you.

If you are ready to leverage podcasting to attract new customers… download our podcasting road map. This 12-step process to get started also covers the 12 ways to share your success. These include securing the guest spot, prepping for the interview, recording the show, creating promotional graphics, posting your episode to your website and social channels, and including in your next newsletter.

Being a guest on a podcast is an incredible opportunity. You are presented to an entire new pool of prospects. Plus, you and your team can leverage the show as a valuable sales asset, promote your business, and, best of all, at zero advertising cost.

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