6 Tips to Overcome Burnout and Gain More Energy - Sabrina Runbeck

6 Tips to Overcome Burnout and Gain More Energy

Burnout has been a major topic in recent years, and no wonder: A growing percentage of people – notably millennial women – are experiencing burnout. In this hard-working, always-on society, how can we overcome burnout, gain more energy, and get a little balance into our lives? In our new podcast, we spoke with Sabrina Runbeck on ways to solve burnout and build mental immunity.

Kick off the new year right! Learn how to overcome burnout and gain energy in our interview with Sabrina Runbeck below:

Sabrina Runbeck is a cardiothoracic surgery PA and a public health practitioner. After overcoming burnout and feeling stuck in a career that drained her, she became an International Peak Performance Speaker, empowering young professionals to find their voice and overcome the stress of their personal and professional expectations. She offers personalized coaching, is a public speaker, and hosts the podcast, Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals. Sabrina also joined 18 other Asian thought leaders to write the book Asian Women Who Boss Up.

We begin our conversation with a look at why burnout is so common, especially among millennial women. What is it about our work conditions that makes us so prone to becoming completely drained of energy?

Sabrina talks about how we spread ourselves too thin. Not only are we always on and aiming to be productive, we’re also not focused enough. Indeed, it’s hard enough to succeed at one professional goal, let alone ten. Narrowing our focus and putting our energy into curated tasks will go a long way to creating stamina.

But that does mean we’ll have to start saying “no” to things. Sabrina shares how we can decline gracefully, but also how we can flip that around to a positive.

Another way to ease stress and an overly busy schedule is to take regular time-outs. Sabrina guides us through some meditation and breathing exercises, but also shares tips on how to make them a routine.

Digital fatigue is another major issue that contributes to our burnout. Especially now, when so many of us are working from home and even communicating with family and friends over our phones or computers. Thanks, pandemic. Despite being more glued to our screens than ever, Sabrina offers tips on how to take a step away from our digital worlds.

We then talk about mental immunity and how to deal with roadblocks we’ll encounter – whether internal or external. Sabrina encourages listeners to look at ways your mindset can hold you back. Are you a perfectionist? Do you suffer from analysis paralysis?

Finally, we end our conversation with a look at empowering women (who experience more work-related stress, but earn fewer leadership positions and less pay) and empowering Asians in work. Sabrina shares some of her personal experiences with expectations on Asian women. She then describes how we can turn them around, focus on what we actually want, and embrace all that we’re achieving.

Listen to our illuminating interview with Sabrina below!

You can learn more about Sabrina Runbeck at her official website. You’ll also want to tune into her podcast, Powerful and Passionate Healthcare Professionals.

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Before you go, be sure to also connect with Sabrina on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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