Telecommuting 101: How to Work From Home Like an Expert

Telecommuting 101: How to Work From Home Like an Expert

Are you considering working from home? Do you wonder whether telecommuting is right for you? In our webinar, we help you ask the right questions to decide whether you have the physical and mental space to work away from the office. We also help you consider the tools, technology, and logistics you’ll need to make an effective office in your home. Have you thought about how staying out of the office can affect your work relationships and even your promotability? How can you stay visible while staying home?

Remember, in a home office, you’ll be on your own a lot, so you’ll have to be your own advocate and your own motivator. Without any co-workers of supervisors to hype you up on dull days, you’ll need to be able get yourself moving. That’s a lot to manage! Even more, maintaining boundaries between work and life can become more challenging when they share the same space. How can you keep a good work-life balance? Telecommuting is a skill you need to develop!

Telecommuting 101: How to Work From Home Like an Expert

This sounds like a lot, but don’t worry! With our webinar, you will discover great tools and tips for organization, logistics, and limiting distractions when you’re working in a home office. You’ll also find ways to self-motivate and balance work with your personal life. With just a few tips from Lynn, Tina, and Rachel, you’ll become champion at working from home.

Watch the full virtual mentoring installment on telecommuting below:

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