Revealing What Restructuring Looks Like Behind Hidden Doors

Revealing What Restructuring Looks Like Behind Hidden Doors

Given enough time, restructuring is something nearly all organizations go through. With all that’s happened this year, 2020 has brought about tons of change, something that will likely continue in 2021. What does it mean if your business is entering a phase of restructuring? What does that look like from the managerial perspective?

In our new podcast interview, sales coach Tim Kubiak reveals what organizational restructuring really looks like on the inside.

Learn all about restructuring – from an insider’s perspective – in our podcast interview with Tim Kubiak:

If your organization is doing some restructuring, you may be worried about how that will affect you and your department. What changes can you expect to see at work? Will you see a shift in business priorities? Tim kicks off our podcast with the kinds of changes your management may be evaluating.

Are there any upsides to this type of change or disruption? Or is it all bad news for the employees? Tim explains both the pros and cons of restructuring, but know that it’s not as worrisome as you might at first think.

How are the winners and losers chosen? That is, how does your company decide who to keep and who to let go? This is tricky, and it can be tough on everyone when the organization has to downsize or pivot. Tim explains what you should know and how you can best navigate the restructuring. Furthermore, Tim offers advice on how leadership and management can assuage employees’ fears and keep morale high.

Finally, Tim discusses how to manage vendor and customer communications during the period of restructuring. How much should you divulge? How can you keep the restructuring on the down-low but still keep business relationships strong? Tim reveals all in our new podcast above!

Revealing What Restructuring Looks Like Behind Hidden Doors -- quote

You can learn more about Tim Kubiak at his official website here and follow him on Twitter here. In addition to offering the excellent Sales Coaching and Opportunity Management Program, Tim also hosts the Bowties and Business podcast. Beyond being a self-described business geek, Tim also has a love of coffee, heavy metal, and hot yoga, and he does volunteer work for rescue animals.

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