20 Firsts: Amazing Women Pioneers of the 21st Century

20 Firsts: Amazing Women Pioneers of the 21st Century

The future is female, and more and more lately, we’re seeing incredible women pioneers accomplishing great things. Women in work – across a wide range of fields – are earning recognition for their discoveries, advancements, talents, and commitments to excellence. From music to race car driving to chemistry to space travel to economics to politics, women are slaying every industry they work in. (And by the way, women are in pretty much every industry.)

It’s so inspiring to see women from all walks of life achieving their dreams and making the world a better place. And while ladies have made so much progress, there’s still a lot left to gain. We’re still waiting for women to earn as much as men; we’re still waiting for equal representation across media. Women are equal and deserve to be treated equally. That goes for women of all races, ethnicities, origins, genders, socioeconomic statuses, and every other demographic divide people put up. We’re tearing down those walls and glass ceilings. Yes, there is still much room for improvement. But nonetheless, we also have to celebrate what women have done already. And there’s so much to celebrate!

These are 20 of the amazing women pioneers we’ve seen in the 21st century so far.

What other women have accomplished great things in the last 18 years? Who is leading the way for other women in their careers? Let us know who inspires you in the comments below!
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