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How to Escape Hustle Culture and Reconnect With Your Family

We live in a busy world, and the hustle culture is real for nearly all of us. But if we’re working too much, that can create a chasm in your personal life. What if we told you there was another way? We spoke with Uwe Dockhorn, a “Lifestyle Liberator” who is helping to bring high achievers closer to their family and away from the constant hustle. He is doing amazing work for the people he helps, and he offers tons of inspiring advice on our new podcast.

Watch our discussion with Uwe Dockhorn below to learn how to leave hustle culture behind and strengthen your family relationships:

Uwe Dockhorn is a Lifestyle Liberator for high achievers and their families. He believes in freedom and inner certainty that shows up in your business financially and emotionally in your relationships.

To begin, Uwe shares a bit about his journey to becoming a Lifestyle Liberator. He describes some difficult times in his past and significant challenges he had to overcome. After suffering abuses and the loss of loved ones, Uwe ultimately reached a dark low point. Fortunately, this is when his life turned around, and he’s been committed to helping others ever since. He believes in the power of letting go as well as the power of letting in.

What does Uwe mean when he calls himself a “Lifestyle Liberator”? Who is he liberating and from what? As Uwe explains, we all have fears or mindsets that can hold us back. What he helps clients do is let go of their self-limiting beliefs, but also let in new understandings and opportunities. This works both in our personal lives and in our careers.

Hustle culture sucks our souls and leaves us like zombies enslaved to the hustle. Uwe helps liberate people from that mess. He specifically helps high achievers strengthen their relationships with their families. He describes how important it is the individuals are independent. If one person in a partnership is dependent on the other, that creates an imbalance that can lead to dissatisfaction and divorce or breakup. Strong relationships require that both members have a certain degree of independence and fulfillment.

Uwe also talks about the reasons that money should be a major consideration when escaping hustle culture. Like it or not, we live in a world that necessitates money. Through his Lifestyle Liberation, he helps clients achieve financial security, in turn making for stronger relationships.

Uwe has a three-step program called The AIM-System, helping In-Demand Professionals and their Very Important Partners (VIPs). The acronym AIM stands for activation, implementation, and manifestation. Uwe goes into detail here to describe what each step means and what it entails. By going through those three steps, clients are able to overcome stress and burnout, develop their own $1 Million Sentence, and find a balance that ensures happiness and success.

To learn more about Lifestyle Liberation and finding balance, listen to our podcast with Uwe below:

To learn more about Uwe Dockhorn, visit his official website here.

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