How to Trade Out Fear for Intentional Bravery - Heather Vickery

How to Trade Out Fear for Intentional Bravery

We’ve all felt instances of fear, and sometimes we let fear dominate our decisions. That may mean we don’t pursue a certain career we want, or we don’t get up in front of a crowd to speak about something important to us, or we don’t make the big move to our dream destination. Whatever fears we have, they can be self-limiting. But what if we could overcome them and practice intentional bravery instead? What if we could choose a braver, freer path? We spoke with Heather Vickery about how being purposefully brave can transform your life.

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Even though she spreads a message of bravery, Heather wasn’t always so self-assured. Like all of us, she too felt fear and doubt in her life. But as she shares in our podcast, a major moment in her personal life inspired her to learn the art of bravery over fear.

How can we leverage intentional bravery? What exactly does that mean? Heather describes the concept at length here. Remember, as Mufasa once told Simba, being brave doesn’t mean you feel no fear; it simply means you’re facing your fears, overcoming them to reach new heights. Or as Heather states, “Bravery doesn’t mean the challenge goes away, it just means that the challenge is worth it.”

One powerful way to be intentionally brave is to set boundaries. We often give up too much control over our life, but sometimes you have to take control back. You can do that by setting boundaries which work for you and clearly communicating them with others. Another major part of intentional bravery is in striving for work-life balance, or work-life harmony. Many us chase that elusive goal, but how can we achieve it? How can it play into overcoming our fears?

Finally, we talk about how all of this relates to gratitude. Never underestimate the power of being thankful. Ultimately, by practicing intentional bravery in all its forms, you’ll set yourself up for success. You’ll be poised to take those risks and aim for your biggest goals. And once you bravely take on the challenge, you’ll be on track to reap the rewards.

Learn all about this powerful transformation in our podcast discussion above!

You can learn more about Heather Vickery at her website here. She also hosts the podcast The Brave Files, manages an inspirational Facebook group called Brave On Purpose, and even wrote a book, Gratitude Journal: Shift Your Focus.

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