Break Free From Expectations & Live the Life You Were Meant

Break Free From Expectations & Live the Life You Were Meant

From the time we’re young, most of us have expectations put upon us about what we’ll do with our lives. Sometimes those expectations come from ourselves, sometimes they’re from family members or teachers, and sometimes they’re from society or our culture. But as we grow into ourselves, those expectations might not fit with what we really want in life. How can you break free from that and pursue your own path? We spoke with Travia Steward about how to embark on the life you were meant to live.

Watch our podcast with Travia Steward to learn how to break free from expectations that no longer serve you:

Travia Steward is the Founder of Reinvent You, LLC and a Breakthrough Transformational Coach. She helps people create personal and professional breakthroughs that improve major areas of their lives. She guides them in the right small actions by getting clarity on what matters to them in pursuit of their dreams and goals.

Travia’s mission is to inspire and empower as many people as possible to live the highest vision for their lives without settling.

As host of the Breakthrough Podcast, she focuses on stories of people who one day decided that enough was enough, to take a stand for themselves, their health, and relationships and had a breakthrough that changed the trajectory of their life. She also focuses on sharing action steps that her audience can take right now.

We begin our conversation with Travia’s background. What inspired her to help others find their breakthroughs? Travia goes over some of the events that shaped her, what she learned from them, and how it became her mission to empower others, too.

Travia explains her process for helping her clients. This can begin with identifying what expectations they have for their lives and where those plans came from. Then it’s about determining whether that’s what you want… or if there are other goals that deserve to be chased. Travia helps them gain clarity and take steps to achieve their dreams.

Like most of us, Travia has faced hurdles and setbacks. She reveals some of what held her back and the kinds of obstacles others are likely to face. Indeed, expectations themselves can be those obstacles we need to overcome. Travia helps you break free from them and forge your own path.

Before ending our discussion, Travia shares some steps you can take now to examine the expectations put upon you and determine if they are what you really want.

Listen to our podcast with Travia for more advice on breaking free and living the life you deserve:

To learn more about Travia Steward, visit her official website here, and be sure to tune into her Breakthrough Podcast. You can also keep up with all her latest updates by following her on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.

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