Every Day is a New Second Chance

Every Day is a New Second Chance

I’ve had a really bad start to the new year. My car died, I missed the company New Year’s party because of food poisoning, and my nemesis won a coveted position. I feel defeated and bummed out, like I already need a second chance or do-over. How do I get my mojo back? – Nina in Frederiksted, Virgin Islands 


It is a universal truth that everyone goes through difficult times. While I would never want to gloss over true hardships and tremendous tragedies, they epitomize our life journey. These experiences enrich our character, strengthen our tenacity, and shape our authentic self. Like everyone, I have gone through many tough situations; some have been shattering. My husband’s battle with cancer and subsequent death was one of those times. I am not using this example to put down or diminish the everyday challenges we must face and overcome. Rather, I want to demonstrate why I believe we can move through and past these situations.

When I am faced with an onerous or troublesome circumstance, I use my REVIVE process to move forward. My initial act is to Restore my equilibrium. I do this by metaphysically stepping back with a deep cleansing breath. Now I am poised for the next step, to Embrace a new mindset. I reframe my mindset by asking myself if this is the worst thing that can happen. It helps me immensely to look at the situation from a worst-case scenario. It can almost always be worse. If it is truly grim, I look for the positive. When my husband died, the positive was that he was released from his pain and suffering and was in a better place.

In the darkest tunnels, considering how it could be even darker, while seeking the light at the end, keeps me moving forward. This sets me up for the next phase, to Validate and accept the situation. This positions me to empower myself and take charge. In do this by Identifying my options, how I can resolve or fix, or what I can do to make it better. Playing out “what if” scenarios in my head enables me to review the ramifications of each possible option. Now I am ready to create my Victory plan. I have identified my objectives, and I then address the how, what, and why in my strategy. My final step is to Execute my victory plan.

The REVIVE process has energized my purpose so I can tackle any obstacle with fierce determination.

REVIVE Second Chance

You can make this happen. Learn the REVIVE process by incorporating into your daily routine. If you miss a step or feel stuck, review the phases. Keep at it. Practice each stage and soon you will master each one. Every day is a new second chance to learn, grow, and adapt to achieve a stronger, better you.


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