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How to Bounce Back From Disappointments and Thrive

Most of us have faced setbacks and disappointments in life. Our journey is not a straight line from Point A to Point B. Rather, it’s a messy swirl through ups and downs, sometimes moving one step forward and two steps back. It can be difficult while you’re moving backward or feeling stuck; you can feel like a failure. So how can you overcome that mindset and make a rebound? How can you move past the hurdles and ultimately thrive? We asked our podcast guest Brenda Florida – a woman who has been through it all and is now a successful coach. She shares her advice on our latest episode.

Find out how you can move past disappointments and thrive! Watch our podcast with Brenda Florida below:

Brenda Florida is a longtime entrepreneur who has gone from being a successful franchisee with Domino’s Pizza, to working in real estate, to Googling “homeless shelters,” to creating a successful and growing online practice as a certified life coach. There were many steps in between, but that’s part of the exciting journey she has had as an entrepreneur and her journey to embodying Queen energy! Brenda is now thriving as a writer, coach, and speaker because of the inner work she did, which inspires her to coach others to do the same.

We start our discussion with some more insight into Brenda’s journey. How did she move through the lows to get to where she is now? How did she get into coaching? Brenda shares her incredible experiences and how she overcame difficulties to find success. Brenda also reveals how she built her business. What resources did she have when she was first starting out? How can listeners also work their way forward? Tune in to find out!

The Solve It Method

We then talk about limiting beliefs – one of Lynn’s favorite topics! Brenda explains why limiting beliefs do not serve us and, in fact, how they are quite harmful. They hold us back and prevent you from going after opportunities. Luckily, they don’t have to be permanent. Brenda also shares how to overcome them.

She says that adopting an abundance mindset isn’t enough to liberate ourselves. What does Brenda mean by that? Indeed, why can aiming for too much ultimately be our downfall? Instead, Brenda has a different solution: the Solve It Method. Brenda describes what that is and how it works. With some conscious effort, you, too, can implement the Solve It Method and move past disappointments.

We end our discussion with the first steps you can take if you’ve recently experienced a failure or setback. Brenda offers a great starting point to get out of the rut and on the path to thrive.

Listen to our conversation with Brenda to learn how you can overcome setbacks:

To learn more about Brenda Florida, visit her official website here. You can also keep up with all her latest news by following her on Instagram and YouTube.

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