How Can You Live a Rich and Fulfilling Life?

How Can You Live a Rich and Fulfilling Life?

Have you ever wondered how Petite2Queen was born? What was the driving force for founder and CEO Lynn Whitbeck to create a company focused on helping young women with their lives and careers? It all started with an impetus: What do you wish to leave behind when you’re gone? Lynn wanted to leave guidance on how to live a fulfilling life.

Lynn had the pleasure of speaking with Amy Coats on her podcast Heels on Fire. Amy is a Coach, Online Business Manager, Growth Strategist, and the Founder of the Two Week Notice Society. She teaches women proven strategies on how to make a full-time income in their side business so they can leave their 9-to-5. With Amy’s and Lynn’s goals so aligned, they had a rich discussion on how to live a rich and fulfilling life.

What are the most important lessons Lynn has learned throughout her corporate and start-up careers? What are the words of wisdom she wishes all women would hear? How has she modeled Petite2Queen to provide the best learning experiences possible to ensure success? Join into Lynn’s conversation with Amy to learn these secrets for living your best life. You’ll be sure to find a few tips that inspire you!

A major lesson Lynn teaches is the importance of choice: We all have choices that we can make. We can choose to pivot and change course at any time. Through these choices, as well as holding fast to your values and demanding that everyone contributes, Lynn believes women can have it all: A thriving career, a happy family, and a fulfilling life beyond.

Learn how you can enrich your life by listening to the podcast below! If you’d rather see Lynn and Amy’s lovely faces, you can also check out the video version at Amy Coats’s website!

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    1. Wonderful Shruthi,

      First, thank you for your input. I love your suggestion. A podcast or webinar covering the interconnections between health and career would be an amazing conversation. We’ll get it in our pipeline.


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