How to Improve Your Relationship... With Money

How to Improve Your Relationship… With Money

We all know that money plays a major role in our lives, and yet so many us, especially women, don’t have a good relationship with it. In a society that often discourages financial discussions, many of us struggle with our own money and don’t know how to make the best financial choices. And that doesn’t just impact us as individuals; it can also affect our relationships with others. How can women get a stronger handle on their money? We spoke with financial planner Misty Lynch to find out.

Learn how you can master your money matters in our new podcast with Misty Lynch:

Misty is a Certified Financial Planner who is passionate in her commitment to help her clients handle their finances with confidence. As she describes in our interview, she first became interested in finances when she was young. Seeing her own family’s financial situation change impacted her, making her want to understand it better so as to maintain stability in her adulthood.

But not all women have such a close relationship with money, and in fact, historically, most don’t. As far back as we can look, men have tended to be the breadwinners and controlled virtually all financial decisions in a family. Beyond day-to-day budgeting, women have generally been excluded from all of that. And let’s not forget, women couldn’t even get credit cards without their husband’s approval until the 1970s! That only the most recent generations of women have had the opportunity to control their finances has had significant impacts on women’s relationship with money.

Even today, many woman don’t have the confidences or resources to manage their money well. Many of our attitudes comes from what we saw in our formative years, and they carry over into our adult lives.

So how can women improve their perspectives and relationships with money? Misty explains that she’s a big advocate for women learning more about money. Take classes, read about it, and work to become financially literate, and you will reap the benefits.

Get Comfortable with Your Money

Even with basic monetary knowledge, emotions can and do play into our financial choices. Misty discusses why that is in our interview. From FOMO and wanting to keep up with the Joneses to impulse buying when you’re feeling low, it’s imperative that you look at why you’re making certain purchases or financial decisions.

Another important fact to remember is that your finances don’t exist in a vacuum. What is the best way to talk about money with your partner, friends, or family? Misty offers her advice here. One tip: get past the idea that talking about money is rude, because it’s not! Indeed, having open and honest discussions are key to harmony, financial and otherwise.

To end our podcast, Misty shares the the one thing she wants every woman to know about money and finances. But you’ll have to watch or listen to find out what that is!

Discover how you can get more savvy with your finances by listening to our podcast with Misty below:

To learn more about Misty Lynch and the financial advice she offers, be sure to visit her official website here.

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