Hey Mama! Here's How to Overcome Guilt and Find Happiness - Anna Conathan

Hey Mama! Here’s How to Overcome Guilt and Find Happiness

Becoming a parent can be a glorious life change. You have a precious child to nurture and love as they grow into themselves, and it can be a magical and joyous journey. However, many parents face a secret dark side, hiding feelings of guilt and unhappiness. If you feel this way, know that you are not alone. Also know that this can change. For our new podcast, we spoke with Anna Conathan about how mothers can overcome the negative aspects of being a parent and regain a sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Watch our podcast with Anna Conathan to learn how you can rediscover happiness as a parent:

Anna Conathan is the co-founder, senior partner, and Chief Creative Officer of LUMO. She’s a coach and storyteller who believes that finding and using your authentic voice is the catalyst that changes the game for women all over the globe. She’s a leader who helps her clients (and team) find their own unique voices and use them with passion, purpose, and Lusciousness.

Motherhood can be difficult for many, from a rough pregnancy to post-partum depression to the trials of raising children. And because kids do require so much of our attention, it can leave parents feeling like they don’t have enough “me time.” These are just some factors that can bring your spirit down. When does a mother know that she’s unhappy in her life? Anna shares what signs to look out for and some of the causes of unhappiness. It’s not that being a mother is generally awful. Rather, there are certain aspects different people struggle with and need to focus on changing for their own emotional health.

We’ve all heard of a so-called “Bad Mom.” How does our society define what a “Bad Mom” looks like? And, perhaps more importantly, why is there so much scrutiny on mothers? Anna offers her thoughts on both topics. Unfortunately, women do face a lot of unfair criticism, and that extends into parenting. It seems that everyone has an opinion on every little aspect of child-rearing. The thing to remember is that we’re all different, and it’s okay if one woman’s parenting style differs from another’s.

However, that aforementioned scrutiny and comparison can play into a mom’s unhappiness. Anna describes how these pressures can eat away at self-esteem and even make a mom feel like she’s failing as a parent. Further compounding on this are issues of class, race, sexuality, and more. Classism, racism, and so on can add to that motherly pressure many parents face.

There is a lot to contend with. But as Anna affirms, a mom can find contentment with her life. But how? What if she believes her like is unchangeable? First, you must remember that things can and will change. From there, it’s about putting in the effort to make that a reality. Knowing where your unhappiness stems from will help in identifying what to address and how.

What are the first steps a mom who is unhappy with her should life take to change it? We end our discussion with Anna’s tips on how to move away from the feelings of guilt and loneliness and regain a sense of self-worth, confidence, and happiness.

Listen to our discussion with Anna for more about motherhood and self-worth:

To learn more about Anna Conathan, visit her official LUMO website and Luscious Mother website. You can keep up with their latest updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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