Skill #3 Bonus- 10 Ways Resilience is an Advantage in Harsh Circumstances -- Patrick Carter

10 Ways Resilience is an Advantage in Harsh Circumstances

Three weeks ago, sales leader Patrick Carter and Petite2Queen’s own Lynn Whitbeck shared a podcast all about “Resilience,” and how it is a skill you need to thrive in your sales career. It’s part of their “PERFORMANCE” in Sales power skills series. Before they continue on to the fourth letter in that acronym, Lynn and Patrick decided to offer a bonus episode that’s more specifically relevant to the harsh circumstances of today. With COVID-19 altering our lives in unprecedented ways, how can resilience help us get through this difficult time?

Today’s conversation dives into the reasons why resilience is so important during the turbulence of the Coronavirus pandemic. How can it help you cope with anxiety? How can it help us view these harsh circumstances as a challenge we’ll ultimately get through? Why does it lead to empowerment and hope?

While resilience is a power skill for your career, it’s also a vital life skill that will prepare you for the array of challenges life may throw at you. Be sure to revisit Lynn and Patrick’s first podcast on resilience – discussed from a professional standpoint – as well as tuning into today’s podcast that’s specific to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ultimately, resilience will help you through this crisis and to the new normal our world will arrive at.

PWIS - 3 Bonus - Resilience

For more from Patrick and Lynn’s “PERFORMANCE” power skills series, be sure to listen to the first three episodes. They tackle “Problem Solving,” “Engagement,” and “Resilience.” The next podcast in the series will focus on the fourth letter: “Flexibility.”

You can also check out Patrick’s website, Elite Sales Institute. Follow Patrick on Twitter with the Elite Sales Institute: Where professional sales careers are created.

How can resilience help you through the harsh circumstances of today? Listen to Lynn and Patrick’s podcast below to find out:

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