Skill #3 - How Resilience Inspires Breakthrough Opportunities - Patrick Carter

Skill #3 – How Resilience Inspires Breakthrough Opportunities

In February, sales leader Patrick Carter joined our CEO Lynn Whitbeck to introduce their new 12-part series. In that first episode, Patrick and Lynn revealed their acronym, “PERFORMANCE,” highlighting the top 11 power skills you need to boost your sales career. Following discussions of the first two letters – “Problem Solving” and “Engagement” – the duo are now back to discuss the third letter: “Resilience.”

Why is resilience such an important skill for sales professionals to acquire? Lynn and Patrick each expand upon this, then share examples of how they’ve used resilience in their own sales careers. Indeed, it’s been instrumental in their ability to close sales.

So we agree that you need to be resilient; how do you learn this skill? Patrick and Lynn share their advice on how to develop your resilience, and offer exercises you can practice as you hone the skill.

Ultimately, resilience translates to leadership and accelerates your career. Find out how in our latest podcast!

Be sure to check out Patrick’s website, Elite Sales Institute. You can also follow Patrick on Twitter with the Elite Sales Institute: Where professional sales careers are created.

Do you want to learn all about Resilience? Listen below, and stay tuned for the rest of our Power Skills series!

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