7 Simple and Easy Ways for You to Seize the Day!

7 Simple and Easy Ways for You to Seize the Day!

It’s a sad fact that our time is limited to just 24 hours each day. We all have so much to do, and moments of joy and opportunity can slip through the cracks as we complete the mundane, routine tasks we must complete. But fear not! There are many ways for you to seize the day, every day. In this episode of Claim Your Career Crown, Lynn Whitbeck spoke with her friend and business confidant Lesley Nase on how to grab onto small moments to make the most of your time.

Watch our podcast with Lesley Nase on how to take command of your time:

Entrepreneurs hire Lesley to get to the CORE of communication because most fail to speak the language of their listener and are missing out on connections, relationships and resolutions to maximize success. So, she helps break down barriers to leverage conversations, for collaborations and conversions.

Lesley is the Creator and CEO of ‘Intuitive Animal Healing,’ a Communication Specialist, a Spiritual Advisor for C-suite CEOs with a certification in CORE Communication for businesses. She is the host of the ‘Client Whispers’ podcast and TV show on the Billionaires Network and Pelucha TV. Lesley is also the host of ‘Books, Yarns & Tails’ TV show that streams on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku.

What do you get to do today?

The conversation begins with a discussion of what it means to seize the day and how to get started. It can start with a positive outlook by viewing your to-do list as a series of things you have the privilege of doing. Remember to celebrate small victories, and view mistakes as opportunities to learn. And count your ability to fix a mistake as a win, too!

When it comes to business, seizing the day means maintaining positive momentum. Again, focus on what you’ve accomplished and take a moment to admire the progress you and your team have made. Try new things and see what works, and always start the next day fresh. Lesley advises that you focus on one thing at a time and whittle down your to-do list to three things each day. She also encourages you to take breaks in nature, or at least outside. This will get your re-energized to take on your next opportunity.

Lynn and Lesley next turn to their seven tips for seizing the day. We won’t spoil them all here, but the list includes acts of kindness, self-care, and time for play. The podcast ends with one quick trick listeners can implement right away to take control of their minds, time, and energy: Taking a moment to just breathe.

Listen to our podcast with Lesley Nase to find out the seven ways you can seize your day:

To learn more, check out Lesley’s official website here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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