How You “Woman Up” to Have a Successful Career in Sales

How You “Woman Up” to Have a Successful Career in Sales

The sales career path has been historically dominated by men, but women are catching up within the field. Despite seemingly requiring “masculine” characteristics to do well, how can women see sales success on their own terms? Lynn spoke with Laura Stewart, the Director of Sales and Marketing at REC, about how ladies can “woman up” to attain sales wins and career advancement.

Watch our interview with Laura Stewart to learn how you can “woman up” and reap the sales benefits:

Laura Stewart is the Director of Sales and Marketing for the Canadian real estate firm, REC. Her path to success was anything but typical. Having spent the last 15 years navigating her career, Laura has had the opportunity to gain education and experience in a multitude of industries. With a desire to pave her own future, Laura attained her real estate license and, by the age of 30, was finally starting her career in sales. Leveraging all of her prior experience and education, Laura has facilitated in the rebranding of the firm, systematized their sales process, and launched one of Canada’s top business podcasts, all the while aiding in the sale of over $280 million of real estate.

Laura coined the phrase “woman up” as a means to encourage women to find fulfillment and happiness by owning their decisions and trajectory. To start our interview, Laura shares how this applies to women considering or pursuing a career in sales.

Laura has used this concept and, as a result, been tremendously successful in sales. Her path has covered many opportunities in education and experience, and in a multitude of industries. Laura describes how she has been able to leverage all of these facets to foster strong relationships. Indeed, relationships are among the biggest factors that determine sales success.

As Laura explains, the sales journey is a process. It starts with awareness, moves to consideration, then to decision, and finally to nurture. Here, she shares some key lessons she learned about the sales process.

Laura and Lynn also talk about “heavy lifting,” or making it easy for your clients to work within your sales implementation. Why is it so important that you do the heavy lifting in sales? What is the risk of not doing so?

From here, the conversations turns to what happens after the sale. Laura reveals her key takeaways to add value and establish a long-term bond with your clients. If you follow these tips, you’ll be primed for strong sales, both now and far into the future.

The interview ends with Laura’s final piece of advice for women who are seeking to empower themselves, to follow their dreams, and never settle.


To keep up with Laura Stewart, be sure to follow her blog here, and follow her on Instagram here. You can also check out REC Canada for more about the Canadian real estate market.

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