Developing Relationships

How to Develop Sales Relationships That Will Last

Developing strong relationships is key to any successful sales career. They provide long-term foundations that will benefit your sales career for years to come, and they will make for much smoother sailing. But how can you develop sincere and reciprocal sales relationships without it feeling forced or transactional? Sales experts Lynn and Tina share their tips in this installment of our virtual mentoring series.

First, learn how your intentions will drive the relationship building. It’s important that your interest in the other person is genuine. Aim to find commonalities and be prepared to align your objectives.

Develop Sales Relationships

Next, you’ll determine whether you two are a good match. Just like in any other relationship, you want a sales relationship to be a positive experience. See how you each can provide solutions for each other’s needs – making your relationship a win-win is ideal for you both!

As the relationship progresses, make sure you’re not taking more than you give. Keep on eye on how everything is progressing, and be ready to nurture your relationship so it continues to thrive. With time, you’ll also need to assess your boundaries and what is and isn’t okay within your sales relationship. Beware oversharing or drifting too far away from business. Remember, this isn’t a simple friendship; it’s a professional partnership.

How can you develop sales relationships that will last? Watch the full virtual mentoring installment below to find out!

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