Top LinkedIn Secrets- Unlock Your Sales Boost in 2021

Top LinkedIn Secrets: Unlock Your Sales Boost in 2021

Welcome to a new year full of possibilities — both for yourself and for your sales. You can start 2021 right by giving your LinkedIn page a refresh! In our new podcast, Lynn Whitbeck and our returning guest Patrick Carter share tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile, what and how often to post in your feed, and how to cultivate meaningful relationships. By leveraging LinkedIn right, you’ll be on track to see a sales boost this year.

Learn how to leverage LinkedIn for sales success in the conversation with Patrick Carter below:

Patrick Carter is a sales leader passionate about helping professionals reach their goals. He’s part of the Elite Sales Institute, providing valuable sales coaching.

As we move into 2021, how can you use LinkedIn to effectively target senior decision-makers in organizations that would reap benefits from your product or service? What’s the trick to do so in a way that is effective, rather than something that makes them feel stalked or pestered? Lynn and Patrick are both masters of using LinkedIn for sales success, and they offer their advice here.

They then reveal how to cultivate relationships on LinkedIn. They key is to add value and relevance… but what’s the best way to do that? Patrick and Lynn discuss the kind of content you should share, how it should be shared, and how to determine whether it will speak to your ideal clients.

Many people aren’t sure about the best way to post on LinkedIn. It’s one of several popular social media platforms, and each platform is a little different in what kind of content and posting schedule works best. Lynn and Patrick share tips on what to post to your LinkedIn feed and how often to do so.

And let’s not forget one of the most important parts of LinkedIn: your profile page! It’s not enough to simply set it up and make sure it looks nice. You must also update it regularly and keep optimizing it. Patrick and Lynn discuss how to refresh your LinkedIn profile for 2021.

Now is the perfect time to update your LinkedIn for sales success. Learn how in our podcast with Patrick below:

For more podcast with Patrick Carter, be sure to check out his multi-part “PERFORMANCE” in Sales series with Lynn, starting here and ending here. You can also hear his conversation with Lynn about the retail sales apocalypse.

Before you go, be sure to check out Patrick’s website, Elite Sales Institute. You can also follow Patrick on Twitter with the Elite Sales Institute: Where professional sales careers are created.

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