How to Forge Strong Relationships on LinkedIn that Blossom - Donna Serdula

How to Forge Strong Relationships on LinkedIn That Blossom

LinkedIn is the online place to be if you want to build your community and grow your sales. But as with any social platform, it can be hard to foster genuine connections. How can you forge strong relationships on LinkedIn – the kind that will blossom with time? We spoke with Donna Serdula about LinkedIn and the tricks to real relationship building.

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Donna Serdula is the founder and president of Vision Board Media, a professional branding company that helps individuals and companies tell their unique stories on LinkedIn and beyond. 

Bringing dynamic brand storytelling to the masses and empowering people to dream big – that’s the ink in her pen. 

It’s her Website where Donna and her team of over 20 writers and coaches help people collide with opportunity and transform their lives via future-forward career branding. She has authored two editions of LinkedIn Profile Optimization FOR DUMMIES. 

Donna hosts the podcast Dream Big with Big Dreamers. She’s shared her LinkedIn expertise at global conferences, presented keynotes and workshops, and featured on a number of high-profile news outlets.

To start our conversation, we dive into Donna’s origin. How did she begin in her career? How did she end up starting Vision Board Media and her website, Donna reveals what led her down this path and why she’s passionate about helping sales people with their LinkedIn profiles and interactions.

Donna also talks about the process to mastering LinkedIn relationships. Here, she shares her tips for how to present yourself, reach out to others, and foster lasting connections.

There are both internal and external obstacles we all face. Donna reveals the hurdles she’s overcome and how you, too, can get around setbacks. LinkedIn has its limitations, but with the right technique, you can still forge genuine connections.

We end our conversation with Donna’s top actionable tips to improve your LinkedIn presence now.

Listen to our podcast for more about online connections and sales:

To learn more, check out Donna Serdula’s official website. You can also find her LinkedIn Headline Generator app and tune into her podcast, Dream Big With Big Dreamers. For more from Donna, connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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