How to Have More Effective and Productive Sales Conversations - Josh Elledge

How to Have More Effective and Productive Sales Conversations

Good sales means having good sales conversations. How can you build rapport, uncover your prospect’s goals, and create mutually beneficial outcomes? Our returning guest Josh Elledge shares on our new podcast, offering tips to form a trusting relationship with your prospects. Knowing how to talk to – and listen to – your prospects will take your sales to the next level and create for lasting client relationships.

How can you master the art of (sales) conversations? Watch our podcast with Josh Elledge below:

Josh Elledge is a U.S. Navy veteran who became a serial entrepreneur building the companies he needs most in the world. In 2014, he founded UpMyInfluence, helping other businesses in building seven-figure B2B sales systems. Josh is a frequent speaker at business and startup conferences, a weekly consumer expert on Fox 35 Orlando and News 13, he writes a syndicated column for nine newspapers, and he regularly appears on more than 75 TV stations across the country.

In this podcast, we start with why it is important to begin sales conversations by building rapport. Josh explains how rapport isn’t just a friendly way to break the ice; it’s fundamental to building trust and a true connection with your prospect. People are more likely to work with you if they like you, find you easy to talk to, and feel that you care about them. Rapport is instrumental in developing this foundation.

Along with uncovering your prospect’s needs and pains, why is it vital to discover their aspirations and goals? Knowing what a prospect wants, needs, or lacks is vital to successful sales. However, understanding their short- and long-term goals adds extra insight that will help you now and further down the road. This will help you anticipate future needs and be ready to meet them.

How to Speak Clearly With Prospects

Josh then discusses why you should avoid using vernacular or jargon in your client conversations. Sure, it can make you sound unprofessional and thus unreliable. It can also make you harder to understand. Remember, you always want to speak clearly and unambiguously with prospects and clients. It avoids confusion and misunderstandings and makes for swifter, easier conversations.  

Did you know that stories can help clarify the impact of your product or service while painting a picture of what their new world will look like? Never underestimate the power of good storytelling! Josh divulges why that is and how to tell a story effectively.

Next, Josh and Lynn discuss how you can better prepare for your sales conversations and create mutually beneficial outcomes. Listen to the podcast to find out their tips for good preparation, and for Josh’s final advice about improving your sales conversations.

Listen to our podcast below to learn about top-notch sales conversations:

You can learn more about Josh’s company, UpMyInfluence, at their official website here. Follow the company on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for more. Josh is also happy to connect on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Also, check out the books Josh referenced during the interview: Go Givers Sell More by Bob Burg and Marketing Rebellion by Mark Shafer.

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