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How Active Listening is Your Super Power in Sales

A cynic may say sales is all about talking people into buying your product or service, but sales professionals know this isn’t true. Sales is about understanding your clients and delivering the best solutions for them. And you know what this means? Talking isn’t your superpower in sales; active listening is! We spoke with Gavin Klauser about how to hone your greatest strength in sales and become the best listener your clients have met.

How can you improve your active listening in sales? Watch our podcast with Gavin Klauser below:

Gavin Klauser has been killing cancer of the wallet since 2018; his current agency KHG Media started in 2020. Gavin removes all doubt, fear, and stress for coaches/consultants by over-simplifying how to build a wealth generating enterprise. He gives his clients peace of mind knowing they can get clients on demand and build eternal wealth for themselves and their family.

We start the podcast with how active listening has shaped Gavin’s sales philosophy and become a superpower. Gavin describes his own background of working in sales and how he started to recognize the true importance of not just listening, but of actively listening. This realization unlocked greater sales success and better relationships with his clients.

Why is the ability to listen to your customers so vital? Gavin dives into the reasons here. Remember, sales isn’t about forcing people to buy your product or service; it’s about helping your clients. The only way you can know what problem your prospects and clients need solved is by letting them tell you. You must give them the chance to really explain what they want, need, or lack. And don’t just listen to check it off your to-do list. Really give them your undivided attention and care.

Gavin explains how active listening makes it easier and faster to reach a mutually beneficial solution with your clients. Indeed, it removes a lot of guess work and trial-and-error on your part. It also minimizes frustration on your client’s part. Having a proper conversation, in which you mainly listen to them, will get you both to a solution much more efficiently.  

Indeed, listening prevents slip-ups, like miscommunications and conflicts, that slow down the sales process or even drive customers away. Gavin describes why that is during this podcast discussion. He also details how you can use active listening in your selling process. What steps can you take to get started today? How can you improve you active listening and maybe talk a bit less? Gavin shares his tips at the end of our conversation.

To learn more and improve your sales, actively listen (get it?) to our podcast with Gavin below:

To learn more about Gavin Klauser, visit his official website here. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn and follow him on Instagram.

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