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How Do You Help the World?

This past month, as I was preparing for an all-day event, I made the time to revisit my elevator pitch and overall approach. We all need to reassess our messaging on a regular basis. Things change and it’s important for us to pivot, not only to remain pertinent, but to freshen our personal brand. What is new and how can we express it to create or rekindle interest?

Ask Yourself the Essential Questions

With everything going on here in the States and the world, I asked, “How do we at Petite2Queen help the world?” At every level within every company, most of us are doing something that helps the world. Think about it. For example, as a sales person for a mattress company, you help the world by enabling people to have a good night’s rest. Consider another example: if you sell construction equipment, you could be helping the world by providing a safer working environment.

Presenting yourself and your company on how you help the world grabs attention, and this naturally segues into asking the person with whom you’re talking how they help the world. It’s a thought-provoking conversation that organically leads to interests and passions. The dialogue has a life of its own with endless possibilities. You are making a memorable impression, creating a natural and genuine connection.

How Do You Help the World?

Set Goals

For the event, I re-thought my approach along with my goals. How could I help others and build reciprocal energy? Establishing the dialogue on how they helped the world would provide insights into how I could possibly help them with a referral, a recommended resource, or an idea to shift their paradigm. Building reciprocal energy is not a one-sided, superficial monologue about your company’s products and services. Rather, it’s how you can be of assistance and further their mission in life.

My objective during the event was to look for an opportunity and establish 10 actionable commitments for myself – commitments I could and would do right away. Part of these I was able to execute at the event, such as making an introduction, providing a referral, or sharing information. The rest were commitments I could complete within the next two days. Acting upon these commitments demonstrated how I help the world.

Appreciation & Learning

While at the event, I chose appreciation and learning. Looking for and showing appreciation helps the world, infusing my behavior with positivity. Rather than express any negativity or bad words, look for the good. The beverage and tea selection at the event were amazing. Plus, being here in the Pacific Northwest, we had wonderful, fresh coffee all day. Share your positivity and enthusiasm; it’s contagious.

How Do You Help the World?

Every event – and every day, for that matter – presents us with learning opportunities. I discovered an ah-ha moment in every session. Some sessions were jam-packed with them, each a precious takeaway to ponder and apply in conversations both during the event and after the event. They were terrific reminders when I followed up with individuals I met there.

Get Out There & Help the World

Adjusting my mindset and re-evaluating my pitch and approach before the event had a powerful impact. I was energized and engaged throughout it. My discussions were lively, interesting, and often compelling. The new connections are authentic and already on the path to a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship.

You don’t need an event to rethink your personal brand and pivot your mindset. Rather, you must make the time to apply a new lens to your perspective on a regular basis. Consider how you help the world and how you can express that. The world is constantly changing, as are the needs and desires of our prospects and customers. Keep your brand fresh and always authentic. You are positioning yourself for long-term success.

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