How to Break Out of Your Shell and Network Like a Pro

How to Break Out of Your Shell and Network Like a Pro

Learning to network can be overwhelming. Being shy can make this professional endeavor especially challenging. Just walking up to someone and introducing yourself might seem tough for you, but we’re here to help! As with all things, the key to getting better is through practice, practice, practice. Introduce yourself to your barista, the IT woman at your company, and members of a different department.  When you attend professional event, go with a list of who you most want to talk to and why. Knowing where to start will give you the confidence to network with ease.

In this webinar, you will learn the different kinds of networking and how to make them work for you. Want to use social media to maximize your outcomes? Value maintaining your professional relationships throughout your career? Check and check – we’ve got you covered. With our pointers, you will build up your confidence. You will take steps to know who to approach. And you will hone your communication skills. You’ll be a networking queen in no time!

Want to become a networking queen? Watch the full virtual mentoring installment on networking below!

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