Purposeful Discomfort & Career Growth

Purposeful Discomfort & Career Growth: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Oftentimes, the only way to grow is to get outside your comfort zone. Likewise, it’s not surprise that purposeful discomfort goes hand in hand with vigorous career growth. What is purposeful discomfort? It starts with learning a new skill, flexing your work paradigm, and experiencing new concepts or foreign ideas. You may feel a bit out of balance, and it can even seem daunting to take on a new challenge to grow. But this is the only way to evolve.

How do you find the courage to step outside your comfort zone? How can this help you create an opportunity-driven career? With this mindset, there are no limits to what you can accomplish.

Do you need help taking that first step into uncharted territory? Listen to our podcast below for the encouragement you need to try new things and grow your career.

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