Trying New Things

Keep Trying New Things – No Matter What!

How do you keep life exciting? In my mind, the most important action you can take is to not only seize every opportunity to try new things, but to make opportunities for yourself. Think about the bucket list of activities you’ve always wanted to try out. What are you waiting for? Why don’t you go out and check one of those items off today? Or, perhaps you want to be spontaneous and try something you’ve never considered before. As long as you continue exploring new ideas and activities, you’ll be enriching your life.

Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. The only way you’ll grow and discover new interests and hobbies is if you give them a chance. However, be content with the outcome, whatever it may be. It’s okay if you try something and it ends up not really being your thing. At least you gave it a shot. There’s no need to keep doing it. Just move on to the next activity that tickles your fancy.

Need a push in the right direction? Here are some of the ways you can keep your life exciting and fulfilling.

Keep Trying New Things - No Matter What!

Travel to New Frontiers

One of the most gratifying ways you can experience new things is to get out and explore your world. Traveling allows you to see new things and ways of doing things that you would never have considered in your own hometown. Discover new cultures, landscapes, and architectures.

Is traveling to a faraway land not in your budget? Don’t worry – you can still explore the world right around you. Go on a day trip to a nearby park or island. There’s still a lot to uncover, even close to home.

Make life an adventure by traveling – to another country, another city, or just the other side of your own city. Wherever you go, make sure you’re exploring new areas you’ve never been to. You’d be surprised what you discover.

Keep Trying New Things - No Matter What!

Try a New Activity

It’s easy to get in a rut of doing the same activities all the time. Why don’t you shake it up and do something new? Try out a new class at your gym – you find that you like Zumba, belly dancing, or kickboxing. Or perhaps you want to enjoy nature and go kayaking for the first time. Fulfill a lifelong goal and run in a marathon. Maybe you’d like to try ice skating or bungee jumping. The sky’s the limit!

A few years ago, I partook in a one-time cooking class. It was a great experience and I learned a fancy new recipe that I still prepare regularly. Consider taking a class or getting involved with a meet-up around a topic or hobby you’re interested in. Even if it ends up not being your thing, at least you’ll have given it a shot! Keep an open mind as you dabble in new hobbies and activities.

Attend a Different Event

As an avid music fan, I’ve gone to my fair share of rock and pop concerts. A year ago, I decided it was time to explore new genres, so I bought some tickets to the local symphony. I had an incredible time, and it turns out I love classical music! Consider getting outside of your comfort zone and attending an opera or ballet. Why not check out some slam poetry, a hockey game, or a book reading? Take baby steps outside of your comfort zone into these related events. You’d be surprised what you end up enjoying.

Give a Different Genre a Try

I just mentioned getting outside of my musical genre comfort zone. You can take that to the next level and explore new types of movies and books, too. What types of books do you usually like to read? What kinds of movies or shows do you normally like to watch? Now let’s go the other way: What genres do you generally avoid or pass over? Give those genres a try every now and then!

My husband was never interested in mystery novels, but last year he decided to heed my recommendation and read one that I’d enjoyed. Guess what? He loved it! He was glad he tried a new genre, because that book ended up being one of his favorites he’d ever read.

Keep Trying New Things - No Matter What!

Eat a New Food

Continuing with the “genre” bending, you can also apply this technique to food. Of course, we all have certain foods we simply hate, or allergies we have to keep in mind. But those foods aside, you should try out a new cuisine. Some of the most memorable restaurants I’ve been to have served food I don’t normally eat, like Moroccan or Ethiopian food.

For most of my life I thought I simply didn’t like Greek food. But then two years ago, I decided to give it another try. Now I love Greek food and eat it all the time! I’m not sure if my taste buds changed or I just found a better restaurant, but I’m glad I gave Greek food another go.

Try out a new restaurant that specializes in cuisine you’ve never had or rarely eat. If you’re adventurous in the kitchen, collect some new ingredients and make your own new culinary delights. We all have to eat every day, and it might as well be a fun experience.

Keep Trying New Things - No Matter What!

Learn Something

I wrote a whole blog about the magic of continuing to learn, but it’s worth reiterating here: One of the most valuable ways you can keep your life exciting is to continue learning new things. Give your mind something new to absorb and think about.

Try to learn a new skill or learn about a new subject. Whether it’s an instrument, a language, a craft, or knowledge about ancient history, it will enrich your life. Learning new things often goes hand in hand with trying out different activities, and it will open doors to new opportunities. Learning can be so fun and fruitful, and it’s worth pursuing throughout your life.

These are just some of the ways you can continue to experience new things. Keep your life exciting with purposeful intention and enthusiasm. You don’t have to try fresh things every single or day or even every week. But you should try to make it a habit to regularly explore something different. Whether you travel to uncharted corners of the globe, try out a different activity or genre, or learn something you never knew before, you will be enriching your life. These will be the memories that stick with you. Go forth and conquer, adventurers!

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