Can Intuitive Healing Really Connect Us With Our Fuzzy Friends? - Lesley Nase

Can Intuitive Healing Really Connect Us With Our Fuzzy Friends?

We all want what’s best for our pets, and when something is wrong, we’ll do everything in our power to make them feel better again. But what do you do when traditional medicine and veterinary care aren’t helping? We spoke with Lesley Nase, an expert in intuitive healing and animal communication, about how she helps animals via an alternative method. She helps animals – from cats and dogs to horses and more – through her Shamanic healing practice.

Watch our podcast with Lesley Nase to learn more about intuitive healing for animals:

Lesley Nase is known for her Intuitive Animal Communication and Healing work. She creates a compassionate and loving space with people, animals, and nature by connecting with source energy to help them find their own inner knowing and power to heal themselves. Lesley has served on the board of Second Chance Animal Center, where she’s done sessions for unusual cases, specializing in raising motherless kittens and caring for mothers with kittens. She has also helped raise funds for the Humane Society.

Lesley is the author of the children’s book, Who Paints the World, a collaboration with her daughter, Rebecca Nase Chomyn, a metal sculptor, watercolor painter, and chalkboard artist. ​​For over 30 years, Lesley has helped countless cats, dogs, horses, and other animals, along with people all over the world, access their own innate energy for healing to restore and find balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Lesley is the creator of Intuitive Animal Healing. 

To start our conversation, Lesley shares how she became a Shamanic healing practitioner for animals. Her love of animals goes way back to her early childhood, and it eventually led her to realizing her ability to communicate with animals in a way most people don’t.

What is intuitive animal healing, and does how it work? As Lesley explains, it’s about using intuition and empathy to better understand the animal and what is causing it discomfort. We all have intuition, but it takes practice to develop the skill and utilize it with animals. Lesley has more than 30 years of experience, and this allows her to heal animals when other methods don’t work.

Her healing is part of an animal’s overall care plan. It’s not meant to replace veterinary care; indeed, that is still important for all animals. However, where traditional medicine may not work or where the root cause of a problem is hard to find, that’s where Lesley comes in. Her intuitive healing allows her to catch things that have been missed, thus finding a path to help the animal.

Of course, some people out there may consider what she does woo-woo. However, as Lesley and her clients have found, her intuitive healing does work; she has legitimately helped many pets and animals.

Lesley has been involved with several organizations that aim to help animals. She talks about her work with these groups and who they help, as well as how you can get involved.

We can all improve out connections with our pets, though it will take time and practice. Lesley offers a free resource: a Heart2Heart Meditation that you can practice with your animals to develop a closer emotional connection. It’s available on her official website. Try it out and let us know how it goes!

Listen to our conversation with Lesley for more about improving animal communication:

To learn more, check out Lesley Nase’s official website. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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