Skill #6 - Being Resourceful is Proven to Easily Advance Your Career

Skill #6 – Being Resourceful is Proven to Easily Advance Your Career

All this year, sales leader Patrick Carter and our CEO Lynn Whitbeck have been working through their 12-part series highlighting the top sales power skills, illustrated by their “PERFORMANCE” acronym. We’ve already explored the first five letters – “Problem Solving,” “Engagement,” “Resilience,” “Flexibility,” and “Originality” – and now the duo are back to discuss the second R, this time standing for “Resourceful.”

Indeed, resourcefulness is a power skill sure to advance your sales career. Find out why – and how to gain this skill – in our new podcast.

Learn all about the importance of being resourceful in our podcast below:

The podcast above begins with a discussion of why being resourceful is an important power skill for sales professionals. Lynn and Patrick can each share examples of how their own resourcefulness helped them close sales or advance in their professions. Indeed, sometimes a little creativity and out-of-the-box thinking can make or break your career trajectory.

Skill #6 - Being Resourceful is Proven to Easily Advance Your Career

What do you do if you’re not a very resourceful person? Fear not! Patrick and Lynn share their tips on how you can gain this invaluable skill. Despite what some say, failure isn’t always the best teacher. There are better options, which Lynn and Patrick discuss here. You can hone your resourcefulness by practicing a few exercises. In time, you’ll find yourself practicing it more naturally and with more confidence.

This skill will translate into both leadership opportunities and an acceleration of your career. It’s a vital skill that can take you out of your comfort zone and into unprecedented paths forward.

Before you go, be sure to check out Patrick’s website, Elite Sales Institute. You can also follow Patrick on Twitter with the Elite Sales Institute: Where professional sales careers are created.

Stay tuned for the next “PERFORMANCE” in sales podcast about the 7th letter – M – on August 18th.

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