Skill #4 - How to Boost Connectivity With Flexibility -- Patrick Carter

Skill #4 – How to Boost Connectivity Through Flexibility

Sales leader Patrick Carter and our CEO Lynn Whitbeck have been working through their new 12-part series all about sales power skills, explained through their “PERFORMANCE” acronym. Following discussions of the first three letters – “Problem Solving,” “Engagement,” and “Resilience” – the duo are now back to discuss the fourth letter: “Flexibility.”

Why is flexibility so important as a professional? Let’s start by breaking down what it means. Flexibility is being able to step outside of your comfort zone. Sure, this can certainly manifest in your personal life: It’s anything from trying a new food to finding common ground with a loved one. But it also very much applies to your career. Flexibility makes you easier to work with and opens up opportunities to you; it will expand your horizons along your career journey.

Patrick and Lynn share examples of times they used flexibility in their sales or to help close a sale. You, too, will find that it only improves your career success.

What if you’re not very flexible right now? As with gaining physical flexibility through regular stretching and yoga, you can also learn to be more flexible mentally and emotionally. Lynn and Patrick share their advice on where to start and what practical exercises you can perform to hone this power skill. With a little time and thoughtful effort, you’ll soon have one more skill to aid in your professional growth.

Ultimately, becoming more flexible will translate to leadership and accelerate your sales career. It’s a vital skill that will move you forward in work and in life.

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Are you ready to learn more about Flexibility? Listen below, and stay tuned for the rest of our Power Skills series!

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