Skill #5 - How to Find Courage to Seek and Leverage Originality

Skill #5 – How to Find Courage to Seek and Leverage Originality

Our CEO Lynn Whitbeck and sales leader Patrick Carter and have been working through their new 12-part series highlighting the top sales power skills, illustrated by their “PERFORMANCE” acronym. Following discussions of the first four letters – “Problem Solving,” “Engagement,” “Resilience,” and “Flexibility” – the duo have reunited for letter #5: “Originality.”

We’ve all heard how valuable it is to be unique. From childhood movies telling us to be ourselves to career advice touting the importance of standing out, we all know that being a little different is an asset. But did you know that this also extends into your sales job?

Indeed, nothing increases sales success more than being remembered… and often, to be remembered means to stand out from the rest. This is where originality comes in. How can you set yourself apart in sales? How can you differentiate your product or service from others?

Originality goes deeper than that, too. It also manifests as the confidence to ask questions. It helps you think critically and look at concepts with a fresh perspective. Thinking differently can give you unparalleled ideas and methods for communication, giving you a leg up on competition.

Lynn and Patrick discuss all this and more in their new power skills episode about the profound value of originality.

Skill 5 - Originality

Before we dive into the podcast, be sure to check out Patrick’s website, Elite Sales Institute. You can also follow Patrick on Twitter with the Elite Sales Institute: Where professional sales careers are created.

Do you want to learn how originality can improve your sales success? Listen below, and stay tuned for the rest of our Power Skills series!

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