The Secrets for Successful Job Sharing in Sales

The Secrets for Successful Job Sharing in Sales

Depending on your career and personal needs, job sharing may be an ideal option for you. Even in sales, job sharing is possible! But how can you pursue this option in your sales position? In a new interview, Lynn spoke to two sales women who successfully job shared for over a decade. After all that time, Liz Pearl and Tari Gordon know quite a few secrets to make a clean shift into this alternative work arrangement.

Liz and Tari reveal how the idea of a job share first came up, and how it fit with their respective sales goals. They talk about how they approached their employer about this arrangement, including their winning arguments and the ways it benefited their company. Tari and Liz also reveal how this worked with their sales clients.

What should you know before pursuing job sharing? Listen to our podcast interview with two women who job shared for more than a decade to find out.

Before you listen to the podcast interview, be sure to check out our free resource outlining Liz and Tari’s top 5 secrets for pursuing successful job sharing. Download it below:

Ready to find out more of those job sharing secrets? Listen to Lynn’s interview with Liz and Tari in the podcast below:

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