Procrastination: Why We Put Off Tasks and How to Better Manage Time - with Sabrina Victoria

Procrastination: Why We Put Off Tasks and How to Better Manage Time

Nearly all of us are well acquainted with procrastination. We put off tasks we don’t want to do or don’t feel prepared to do, we stress about about those things we’re not getting done, and we feel bad about falling behind. Why do we succumb to procrastination? How can we stop putting tasks off and better manage our time? We spoke with Sabrina Victoria, an entrepreneur who helps other solopreneurs thrive, about procrastinating and time management.

Watch our podcast with Sabrina Victoria for more on how to stop procrastinating:

Sabrina Victoria is an entrepreneur at heart. Her company, Human Better 365 is the catalyst behind her community; Her Nation. She focuses on building confidence, finding your voice and stepping into the REAL you. Sabrina works closely with solopreneurs who are striving to hit 6-figure years in order to help them build out the structure they need to streamline their time and take their income to the next level. For over a decade she has strived to give people the tools they need to RISE and human better.  She is a speaker, author, host of Her Version podcast, founder of Sober Society and has built and co-built multiple 6&7 figure businesses in her life-time. She now dedicates her life to helping others RISE mentally, emotionally, financially and physically; in order to find REAL WEALTH in their lives.

Why We Put Off Tasks

We start our conversation with Sabrina’s journey from being a broke, single mom, then getting stuck in an abusive relationship, to now being a successful business owner who pays it forward. Her experiences led her to understand procrastination in a new light, and now she helps others get a handle on how they manage time and difficult tasks.

Why do we procrastinate? As Sabrina describes, it can come from many places: Fear, overwhelm, perfectionism, fear of failure, not knowing where to start… the list goes on. It’s easy to go into a zombie state. But Sabrina also believes that procrastination is a myth. In order to overcome it, we must shift our thinking to time, attention, and energy. We all have a unique rhythm, and it’s best to take advantage of your peak energy levels to get harder tasks done. In low energy times, check off the easier tasks from your to-do list.

At first, it may be hard to overcome your procrastinating ways. We feel guilt and shame over not doing things, or not doing “enough” – especially when compared to the highlights we see on social media. But trust us: You’re not as far behind as you think!

There are 20 different tactics we use to procrastinate, and we may stack them. But by identifying them and rerouting, we can all get better at doing things rather than putting them off.

We end with a discussion on the myth of multitasking and how to better manage time.

Listen to our podcast with Sabrina to learn how to ditch procrastination tactics now:

To learn more, check out Sabrina Victoria’s official website here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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