Ladies! This is How We Can Be Kinder to Each Other

Ladies! This is How We Can Be Kinder to Each Other

Have you ever noticed the tendency that women have of tearing down other women? Perhaps it’s a colleague competing with you at work, or maybe a friend who tries to one you up. Whatever the situation, it can sting. Why do women do this to each other? And moreover, how we can overcome this bad habit and start being kinder to each other? In our new podcast, we spoke with our returning guest Alison Donaghey about what compels women to tear each other down and how we can choose kindness instead.

Watch our podcast with Alison Donaghey below to hear more about ending the conflicts between women:

Alison Donaghey was a guest on our podcast about one year ago, in which she talked about how to move forward from trauma. She is the founder of the organization Domino Thinking, has been a successful entrepreneur since 2000, and is a best-selling author.

To kick off our discussion, Alison describes situations she’s been in which she or another women tore someone down. As kind as we may think we are, we’ve all done it. But why? What is behind our urge to judge and criticize other women so harshly? Alison points to some reasons women behave this way, and why it’s so ingrained in us.

But surely we’re getting better now, right? Indeed, there are so many positive movements happening right now centered on women supporting and lifting up other women. Unfortunately, society changes faster than our DNA. As much progress as we’re consciously trying to make, there’s still much work to be done. Alison discusses why that is.

If we’re already moving in the right direction, why is it so important that we talk about this issue? Alison shares reasons why having these conversations continues to be so vital. Because we still have a long way to go, it remains a subject that needs more conscious attention.

As Alison admitted early on, she’s guilty of having torn down other women. Lynn and Amanda are also guilty of it; we all are. So how can we recognize when we’re tearing down other women? It’s not always so obvious, and it’s often not a conscious intention. Alison offers advice on how to notice when it’s happening or when you yourself are dishing it out.

From there, we can find ways to fix this issue. How can women choose to be kinder to each other? How can we change our words to express genuine care instead of unintentional selfishness?

We end our discussion with how we envision the future. What is our end goal? Treating everyone equally, regardless of their identity? Alison, Amanda, and Lynn each share their ideas on what a better, kinder future may look like.

Learn more about how women can be kinder to each other in our podcast with Alison:

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