How We Chose The Best 25 Movies Highlighting Powerful Women

How We Chose the Best 25 Movies Highlighting Powerful Women – Pt. 1

Last week, we told you which movies we think are the best at highlighting powerful women. Putting together this list was a lot of fun for us at Petite2Queen, and it took a lot of discussion. We considered characters strong in combat and women overcoming grief and depression. Some are leaders, but all stay true to their values. Strength comes in many forms, and we discuss a number of them here.

Of course, our team could talk about strong woman characters for days, so this is only Part 1 of the discussion. Watch out for the continuation next week!

In our latest podcast, the whole team discusses strong female characters who have graced the silver screen. Listen below, and be sure to share your favorite powerful women characters in the comments!

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