How to Combine Being Your Authentic Self with Effective Leadership - Miriam Meima

How to Combine Being Your Authentic Self with Effective Leadership

What does it mean to be a good leader? There is an overabundance of advice out there on exactly how to act, how to communicate, what parts of yourself to tap into or to minimize… But it can also start to feel inauthentic to who you are. How can you stay true to yourself while still inspiring trust and respect in those you lead? We spoke with Miriam Meima about how to be your authentic self even as you step into a leadership role.

Watch our podcast with Miriam Meima to learn more about keeping it real while you lead a team:

Miriam Meima has been a coach and facilitator for over twenty years, dedicating her life to studying the overlap between business and psychology. 

Miriam has coached founders and executives at hundreds of companies, including a dozen $1B+. 

She often partners with companies from Series B all the way through going public. 

Miriam works 1:1 with senior leaders, facilitates team offsites and develops customized leadership development journeys for leaders at all levels. 

Her specialty is in helping people unlock the next level of performance while maximizing authenticity.       

Miriam’s credentials include an MA in Organizational & Management Development, a BA in Business & Psychology. 

She is a Master Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Fellow at the Harvard Institute of Coaching and a member of Forbes Coaches Council.

We begin our podcast with Miriam’s background. She explains how she got into psychology, how she got into business, and how she has since combined the two for a uniquely effective way of guiding others in their careers.

Miriam then dives into her process for helping clients. She draws from psychology, and one important aspect for all of us is to be true to ourselves. That can feel like a fine line to balance, especially when we’ve been told that parts of us aren’t “professional” enough for the office. Miriam helps people be their authentic self in all their roles, including at work and in positions of leadership.

Many of us encounter obstacles in work, and this can certainly be true when striving to be your authentic self. These are often internal hurdles, ways of thinking we need to modify or let go of. Miriam offers advice on how to navigate these barriers.

We end our conversation with Miriam’s actionable tips for staying true to yourself while balancing effective leadership in your job.

Listen to our podcast with Miriam for more about being your authentic self within your leadership role:

To learn more, check out Miriam’s official websites for Leaders Who Smile, Evolution, and The 2 Million Leaders Project. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

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