How a 5-Point Paradigm Helps You Create Success Out of Chaos

How a 5-Point Paradigm Helps You Create Success Out of Chaos

Life can get chaotic. Small things like appointments, chores, and works tasks add up and become unmanageable. Sometimes pretty major problems arise, from collapsed relationships to serious illnesses and more. With everything spiralling out of control, coming out on top can seem impossible. It’s not. We spoke with Dr. Robyn Odegaard, who has a lot of experience with chaos, about how a 5-point paradigm can get you on the road to success.

Watch this episode with Dr. Robyn to learn how you find your footing in chaos

Dr. Robyn, AKA Mental MacGyver, is a former competitive beach volleyball player turned concierge high performance psychologist with continuing education in nutrition. Her doctorate is in organizational (business) psychology with a concentration in sport and performance. Dr. Robyn has written three books and given a TEDx talk titled “Creating Success out of Chaos.” 

After spending 14 years in the corporate world, she went to college for the first time at 32. Upon receiving her doctorate, Dr. Robyn started her business and now has fifteen years of experience providing luxury level support and coaching to executives, founders, celebrities and athletes using her Five-Point Paradigm for Creating Success Out of Chaos. 

Her clients call her a “smoke jumper” because she “parachutes in and helps fight life’s fires from the inside.” 

Asking the right questions

Dr. Robyn knows all about chaos. The conversation begins with her revealing her history of growing up in a cult and how a drug cartel saved her from a toxic marriage (you’ll have to watch the episode for details!). The silver lining of another bad relationship was an ability to attend college, which she pursued to its fullest to get her doctorate. Dr. Robyn knows all about climbing chaos to reach greatness, which is what she has chosen to teach to others.

Next, Dr. Robyn shares her 5-point paradigm. This method came from her doctoral research and 15+ years’ experience in business. It consists of a lot of question-asking: What do you want to be different? What psychological barriers are preventing you from succeeding? Dr. Robyn takes us through each one.

Even when people know things aren’t working, change can be scary. Dr. Robyn describes it as keeping the devil you know rather than facing the one you don’t. When all you know is chaos, stepping out and finding calm can be jarring. Another issue many people face is working with coaches who aren’t well-educated and are unable to bridge their gaps in understanding. Without the proper help, making big changes feels impossible.

The conversation ends with Dr. Robyn bringing everything back down to Earth. While the entire project can seem big, you can start today by just creating a list of things you want to change. What’s broken that needs fixing? Answering this gets you started on your journey out of chaos and into success.

Listen to our conversation to discover the 5-point paradigm that can turn your life around

To learn more, check out Dr. Robyn’s official website here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. And don’t forget to watch her TedEx talk!

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