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Why “No” Catapults You to an Enthusiastic “Yes” in Time

Sales can be hard, especially when leads frequently say “no.” Many of us worry about being sleazy in sales and are afraid of follow-up. How can you reframe a “no” as a step toward an enthusiastic yes? We spoke with Nancy Calabrese, an expert in consultative sales, about how to build and enact a fun sales process.

Watch our podcast with Nancy Calabrese to learn how to use the art of communication to close more sales:

Nancy Calabrese is passionate about a properly executed pre-sales process – engaging with prospects, uncovering their needs, and turning them into qualified leads. Her unique approach, positive attitude, and relentless attention to detail are derived from her recruiting experience. 

In 1991 she founded Professionals Unlimited Inc, specializing in insurance industry recruiting. She saw the need for better quality, highly specialized, qualified lead generation and, in 2011, created One of a Kind Solutions, which was rebranded One of a Kind Sales in 2018. Nancy employs a unique approach to solving problems using consultative selling.

Guide a “No” to an Enthusiastic Yes

The conversation begins with how Nancy got into sales. Although she had found sales scary when she was younger, Nancy knew she had a talent for talking to anyone any time. She joined a recruiting firm in her early 30s, and, despite her worries, she found sales to be easy – not scary. Nancy credits her success to having genuine interest in her leads and understanding the art of communication. Following a particularly successful contract to launch a company’s sales department, Nancy decided to create One of a Kind Sales to help businesses get more sales.

Nancy then walked us through her process for going from a cold call to a warm client relationship. She shares her four-week process, which operates on a 90-day cycle. What does this look like? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Sales can be difficult for some people. Like young Nancy, sales can seem scary, especially because being told “no” is a major part of the job. However, understand that “no” often really means “not right now.” Each no can be a stepping stone an an enthusiastic yes. So don’t be afraid to pick up the phone for a cold call! After all, cold calls are just the beginnings of warm client relationships.

Nancy leaves us with actionable advice that listeners can implement right now: Get more sales training. Learning is a lifelong process, and that goes for sales, too. Approach sales and sales training like fun puzzle games. Don’t be afraid to try out the new tactics you learn! Finally, remember to practice patience – sales take time.

Listen to our podcast with Nancy to find out more:

To learn more, check out Nancy Calabrese’s official website here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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