How You Improve Conversations with CORE Communication Skills - Lesley Nase

How You Improve Conversations With CORE Communication Skills

Having quality conversations with people can sometimes be tricky, and that’s certainly true in the business world. How can you ensure that they’re effective and meaningful for all involved parties? You can start by improving your CORE communication skills. What does that mean and how can you take valuable strides now? We spoke with our returning guest Lesley Nase to learn all about top-notch communication.

Watch our podcast with Lesley Nase for a crash course in CORE communication skills:

Lesley Nase is the creator and CEO of ‘Intuitive Animal Healing’ and certified CORE Communication coach. She hosts ‘Books, Yarns & Tails’ which is featured on Win Win Women TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Roku. 

Lesley is a public speaker, an intuitive healer specialist with a focus on end of life and for fun she writes children’s stories to date she has published: ‘Who Paints the World’.

For more than 30 years, Lesley has been hired by pet people when conventional healing methods failed to answer their questions. As an animal communicator and healer, she discovered that people often needed guidance in communicating what they desire. Lesley has always believed in empowering people to make informed choices for their health, wellbeing and success.

Today, Entrepreneurs hire Lesley to get the CORE of communication because most fail to speak the language of their listeners and are missing out on connections, relationships, and resolutions to maximize success. So, she helps break down the communication barriers to leverage conversations for collaborations and conversions. Bottom line, Lesley’s CORE Communication system quickly turns connections into cash.

Better Conversations

In case you missed her previous podcast with us, Lesley starts our discussion with some of her origin story. She describes her work in animal healing and how she is now a certified CORE Communication coach. Why are communication skills so important for Lesley’s career… and for yours? She explains why these skills really are the CORE of meaningful connection.

Quality communication is an often-discussed but surprisingly elusive skill. Why is it so hard for so many of us? Lesley reveals the missing pieces and why CORE communication is they key to mastery. This unique process has helped Lesley see real results, and she outlines why this method can work for you, too.

Most of us face obstacles, objections, and more as we aim for our goals. Lesley divulges what she had to overcome on her journey to CORE communication success, as well as what she’s seen others surpass. Lesley is prepared to help you move past any hurdle.

Our episode ends with some of Lesley’s tips toward conversation mastery. Try her actionable steps now to see those first results. You’re already well on your way to achieving your communication goals!

Listen to our podcast with Lesley on how to supercharge your conversations:

To learn more, check out Lesley Nase’s official website and the one for Intuitive Animal Healing. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Be sure to watch her Win Win Women TV show, Books, Yarns and Tails.

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