4 Sales Basics You Need to Know

4 Sales Basics You Really Need to Know

Whether you’re new to sales or have been at it for some time, it’s important to get back to the basics from time to time. This enables you to refresh and revisit your skills and get reenergized for the day-to-day. So, what do I consider sales basics? At the core, this is what I identify as the foundation of all successful sales:

  • Be Prepared – know what your goals are for each encounter and what you’re going to say.
  • Be Brief – your clients and prospects have busy schedules, so be concise!
  • Be Inspired – show your enthusiasm for your product!
  • Be Gone – don’t linger after the conversation is over; say goodbye before you overstay your welcome.

Losing Sight of Your Foundation

When you are established in your sales career, you may lose sight of this foundation, or parts of the foundation. You may not spend as much time researching the individuals, organization, or industry of your prospects or current clients. If you are new to sales, you may not realize the true impact of preparation to achieve a successful close.

In the same way, you may have become comfortable with your clients and prospects and are not as mindful as you should be regarding their time. You know so much about your product or service that you find you are spending more time talking than listening. It could even become a bit rote, resulting in your enthusiasm no longer being communicated. Honestly, your whole routine can be tired and worn. And if you are new to sales, you may not recognize the value of thinking like the customer, actively listening, and matching their motivations to move your relationship forward.

An element of hubris can creep into the behavior of successful sales people. Be alert and diligently watch for it so you can act to eradicate it. The danger with the smallest amount of hubris is that it can grow into a beast – a beast that is very hard to kill down the road. For new sales people, those initial wins can create the same opportunity for hubris to sneak past the gate. This is one reason why getting back to the basics, asking yourself why, and challenging your norms help you continuously deliver the desired outcomes of your customers.

Getting Back to Basics

Your passion and enthusiasm can easily be lost among the daily duties and responsibilities you manage on the job. Getting back to basics can be instrumental in re-discovering your inspiration. It’s why and how you are making a difference – selling your product or service to meet the needs and wants of your customers. For individuals new to sales, you may struggle to find inspiration due to the seemingly never-ending learning curve. You should genuinely enjoy assisting your clients to achieve their desired outcome. Inspiration comes in all forms, yet the intrinsic elation of helping another is a key motivator for all sales professionals.

Learning and continuously embracing these four core sales basics will help you stay engaged, remain relevant, and build relational capital with your prospects and buyers. Be brilliant, ending on the positive. Be gone, just as this post is now done.

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