Client Motivations

Client Motivations: How to Gain Understanding and Drive Results

Are you struggling in sales? Are you looking to increase your closing rate? To succeed in sales, it’s vital that you know who you’re selling to. How well do you understand your clients? How well do you understand buyer motivation? Make sure you know what your client wants (what they really, really want) before you make your sales pitch. Thinking like your client is the best way to provide them with excellent service and get the sale. Marketing executive Liz Jones joins Lynn and Tina in explaining all you need to know about client motivations.

A powerhouse trio, Liz, Lynn, and Tina combine their extensive experience in sales and client-relations to provide you with invaluable advice that will guarantee better rapport with your buyers. Together, they outline six things to consider as you work to appeal to your client and their motivations. Match your buyer’s communication style and tailor your sales pitch to appeal to what they need. Refer to the Wheel of Motivation when identifying your client’s needs and wishes. Ensure that you understand how your product or service will benefit your buyer and clarify the impact to them. They will appreciate your efforts to understand what they’re looking for!

Not only will understanding your buyer help you close the deal, it will get you started on building a productive, long-term relationship. In under 30 minutes, you will learn how to think like your client and provide them the best service possible.

Watch the full virtual mentoring video below:

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