Art of Conversation

The Art of Conversation: How to Speak Well & Listen Better

The value of good conversation skills cannot be understated. While we live in a society that encourages and fosters excellent speaking, there’s another aspect of conversation that’s even more important: listening. They say there’s a reason we have two ears and one mouth. To get anywhere in life, it’s important that you develop the art of active listening in addition to mastering your speaking skills. This is how you create meaningful relationships – both in your personal life and in your profession.

What if you’re a bad listener? Or, on the other hand, what if you’re not a great speaker yet? How can you improve your communication and your conversational skill set? Trust us, we at Petite2Queen have been there. While Lynn and Rachel both admit to needing to work on their listening skills, Amanda’s weakness has been in speaking. Luckily, we’ve all learned from each other and are actively honing our skills every day. You can, too!

Webinar - Art of the Conversation

In our new webinar, Lynn, Amanda, and Rachel dive into why listening and speaking are both important, if in different ways. We map out how you can identify your weaknesses and work to overcome them. No matter where your conversation skills are, you can and will grow into a masterful conversationalist with a little work.

Are you ready to speak well and listen better? Then this webinar is for you!

Watch the full “Art of the Conversation” mentoring installment below:

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