Cold Call Rejection

Cold Call Rejection

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Lynn Whitbeck

Getting rejected on a cold call can throw me for a loop. I’ve come to realize that this response is very common for cold calls, but it still makes me not want to make another cold call, and I have to spend time revving myself up again. How can I bounce back faster from a negative answer on a cold call? – Lexy in Rutlan, VT 


LYNN: We have a terrific webinar for this very topic, Cold Calling and Initiating the First Call. The webinar is included in the Practical Wisdoms in Sales membership. For now, here are some tips.

Your comment about revving yourself up is spot on – you must have a positive and passionate mindset when communicating. Your intent and purpose will drive better success. Intent: to establish a genuine connection; Purpose: share relevant information. Your excitement to provide real benefits to their organization will frame your focus and attitude. By internalizing your commitment to deliver results for your potential clients, you will discover it’s much easier to stay energized for every call.

TINA: Great question! A commonality we all share in the world of sales is rejection. The key is to not take the rejection personally. There can be a number of factors that result in a prospect call ending in “no,” all of which have nothing to do with you other than timing: they are not ready to buy, they do not have time to talk, they are not interested in your product or service, they are trying to leave for the day, they have reports to get done and your call has interrupted their flow of thought – a multitude of things that you have no control over.

You do have control over your reaction. In addition to reminding yourself that this is not personal (though it may feel that way), think of a “no” as a “not now.” Put the prospect on a list for a future call to circle back with them to see if their needs have changed. Another tact is a bit of a game that a friend of mine uses: she begins every call expecting a no. For every rejection she hears, the higher her score for that day. When she finally hears a yes… it nullifies all the rejection of the day!

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