Cold Call Rejection

How to Recover From Cold Call Rejection

Getting rejected on a cold call can throw me for a loop. I’ve come to realize that this response is very common for cold calls, but it still makes me not want to make another cold call, and I have to spend time revving myself up again. How can I bounce back faster from a negative answer on a cold call? – Lexy in Rutlan, VT 


Rejection is part of every sales journey, and we have to move through the nos to get to the yeses. Cold calling will result in more initial rejection. However, when you accept it going in, and have a solid long-term strategy, you will find it much easier to see the rejection as only one small step in the process.

Preparation is the secret sauce for cold calling success. It’s the strong foundation you need to build long-term relationships. The core elements are understanding how and why your product or service fills your customer’s wants or needs, or solves a pain point. Utilizing this knowledge enables you to map a natural transformation from your initial outreach to establishing a genuine connection.

Where to Start

Begin by answering your customer “why.” You must approach this from your client’s perspective. Why do they need your product or service? What problem does it solve? How does it feed their motivations? If you don’t see things from you prospect’s perspective, you will never be able to bridge the gap.

During the process for revealing the “why,” you may need to segment your customers. Each niche will have unique emotional triggers and motivations around what they want, need, or lack. Uncovering this information will provide you the guidance you need to format your approach for each market segment.

Deliver Value

Now you are ready to chart your path and forge a connection. It’s easy when you are delivering value and asking for nothing in return. Knowing the “why” is a gift of confidence. You know your product or service would make a real impact for your potential client.

Focus on what you can give the customer – an easily digestible nugget. This is where the preparation comes in. Have a resource to send such as a 5-minute video tip, single sheet checklist, or infographic. This is the top of your funnel with the goal of building awareness.

Ask Lynn - Cold Call Rejection

Have your cold call scripted. Practice, practice, and practice some more. You need to know it without thinking about it. It needs to become an extension of yourself so you can flow and pivot wherever the conversation leads you. When you practice, you gain assurance and confidence. You know, “I’ve got this.”

Focus on your call objective. You are making the first small step towards establishing a long-term relationship. You have one minimal actionable commitment – to initiate the conversation and deliver value.

Finally, do what you say you will do. Follow up. Send the email with the infographic, text them the video link, or message them on LinkedIn with the resource. Heck, even snail mail is your best optioning some cases. The key is to quickly establish your credibility that you will carry through your promises. Then, follow up to confirm they received the resource, and move forward with the next piece of delivered value.

Positive Enthusiasm

Here’s the thing: Cold calling is a precious gift when you can provide the solution your prospects are seeking. Think about it: When your intent is to be of service, to help your customers, and to establish a genuine connection, it comes from the heart. And when your purpose is to share relevant information and deliver value, you are being transparent.

Your excitement to provide real benefits to your client’s organization will frame your attitude. By internalizing your commitment to deliver results for your potential customers, it’s easy to be energized for every new call. And it’s okay if the person on the other end of the call is uninterested, abrupt, or even rude. It’s not about you, your firm, or your tremendous solution. Cut them some slack. Follow up with an email with the aforementioned link, and move forward in the process.

With each outreach, when you are providing real value, you are building awareness, establishing the know, like, and trust factors you need to foster the connection. Follow your prepared map along to develop a relationship with your prospect, one step at a time.

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