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Why it’s Important to Always Do What You Say in Sales

There is nothing more important than actually doing what you say you will do. In sales, this is the gold standard of demonstrating your credibility, reliability, and trustworthiness. For relationship sales, each of these traits are invaluable. When you do what you say you will do, you earn the confidence and good will of your clients and prospects.

It’s Leadership

Doing what you say you will do is a strong leadership trait, and it’s important to cultivate. It directly impacts how you are perceived by others. Like most of your clients, I am too busy to work with unreliable individuals or suppliers. While something may seem small to you, it can be a very big deal to your customer. When you fail to follow through as promised, you weaken and degrade your standing.  You have proven yourself to be unreliable, and it will negatively impact your sales in the short- and long-term.

Why it's Important to Always Do What You Say in Sales

Savvy clients and prospects work with strong vendors and individuals. When you relentlessly meet your commitments, you set yourself apart from your competitors. Embracing a consistent attitude and the actions needed to exceed expectations gains the confidence of your peers, co-workers, and management. Take charge in your actions, and where you lead, others will follow. People want to work with individuals they can count on. It’s that simple.

When Things Go Sideways

Establishing yourself and your company as honest and trustworthy is vital when something goes wrong. Remember: it’s not if, it’s when. We’ve all been there. It’s much easier to negotiate a difficult situation when we have constantly done what we said we would do. We’ve built a layer of insulation, a strong relationship that will help protect us when we encounter a challenge.

Why it's Important to Always Do What You Say in Sales

While it will always depend upon the situation and circumstances, I have found that the key is to get out in front of the issue as soon as possible. Manage the scenario by doing the heavy lifting, providing solutions or available options to remedy the situation. Be attentive to every commitment to the customer in guiding them through. Doing what you say you will do during a challenging situation will often foster a better client relationship. Things go sideways; it’s how you handle the situation that leaves a lasting impression.

Meeting Your Commitments

Accepting the mantle of responsibility and actively doing what you say you will do empowers you in every aspect of your life. In sales, it is a beacon of high level performance. When you consistently follow through, you earn long-term dividends in the form of referrals, recommendations, and success. Be a champion and do what you say you will do.

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