Why a Strong Brand is Important for Your Small Business & How to Create One

Why a Strong Brand is Important for Your Small Business & How to Create One

You might have heard that ancient quip: “What’s in a name?” A lot, actually, as anyone would testify. The same holds true for a brand. After all, a brand is a name that you create for your line of products and services for business. Therefore, it’s essential for every small business to create a strong brand.

Definition of a Brand

In fact, most people will know your business as a brand by itself or for its range of products or services that you’ll market and sell under a specific name.

I’ll highlight this with two examples:

Apple is one of the most valuable brands in the world. It is owned by an eponymous company – Apple Inc. The name of the company and its brand are the same. Its logo of a bitten apple also brings to our mind the range of Apple products such as iPhone and iPad, among others.

At the same time, JBL is a well-established brand. Most people trust JBL for its marvelous sound devices. But only few are aware that its parent company is HARMAN International. To be precise, Samsung has acquired HARMAN International and its rights. Yet still, most people just know about JBL and its products, which are loved worldwide, but know nothing about Harman and it being a Samsung electronics subsidiary.

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 Importance of Strong Brand for Small Business

A brand isn’t merely a name that you give your business or its products and services. The logo or some feature that makes your business stand out among the others also constitutes definition of a brand.

And if you’re a small business owner, building a strong brand is very important for three major reasons.

Countering Fierce Competition

Every large organization once began as a small business. However, they were able to create a strong brand that people would like. Hence, they could counter fierce competition from established players in the market. A strong brand from a small business can give a lot of headaches to bigger companies.

Brand Matters, Not the Owner

People will remember a brand easily, but not necessarily the business that owns it. For example, most people in the world would know or at least would be aware of a brand known as Nescafé but not the brand owner, Nestlé S.A., which is in fact the largest food company in the world. Nescafé, however, began as a small initiative to popularize Brazilian coffee.

A Brand is Easy to Promote

Even a small business can have several brands. Because brands are easier to promote, they allow you to target niche audiences depending on preferences and budget, among other factors. People tend to identify with a brand and not the business or brand owner. Hence, having a strong brand helps people to identify indirectly with your business.

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Creating a Strong Brand

Since a strong brand helps and is even vital for the success of your business, it’s important to know how to create one. Following these simple steps will help you create a strong brand for your small business easily.

Superb Product & Service Quality

Nothing drives consumers to a brand as much as superior product or service quality at affordable rates. This is the first and most vital part of creating a strong brand for a small business. Your product or service has to exceed expectations of a customer. Keeping rates affordable can prove easier for smaller businesses since they don’t usually have large overhead expenses like giant corporations.

After Sales Service

After sales, service is an equally important function to building a strong brand. Your small business could be offering superb products or services. But if it lags in after sales service and leaves customer grievances or requests unattended, these are useless. Customers expect the same level of after sales service from a small business as they would from larger ones. Building a strong brand depends on how you serve customers once they begin using your product or service.

Opening a Blog

Opening a blog is also a superb way to create a strong brand for your small business. Setting up a blog isn’t expensive or difficult, as explained by SureJob here. And you can post amazing content that engages people looking for specific products or services. However, remember that a blog for your brand is different from a website for your small business. Generally, 90 percent of consumers read blogs and reviews before deciding to place an order. They use blogs for researching about products, services, and businesses.

YouTube Channel for Branding

People love watching stories. And you can create a strong brand for a small business by uploading superb videos online by opening a free YouTube channel. These videos about real life people sharing real life experiences with your product or service helps people to identify with the story. They wish to replicate that experience in their own lives. Therefore, they could convert as customers while boosting your brand to a new, higher level.

Affiliate Marketing

Offering affiliate marketing programs to bloggers is a very cost effective way to create a strong brand. Because affiliate marketing presents that opportunity to popularize your brand through countless bloggers while helping people place orders. Bloggers also benefit because they get affiliate commissions whenever there’s a confirmed sale.

In Conclusion

Creative brand names, catchphrases, and social media marketing also help in creating a strong brand. The above ways to create a strong brand are time tested and proven. These could also help your small business to make a strong brand that people remember and wish to identify with.

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