How to Develop a Style & Brand for Career Success

How to Develop a Style & Brand for Career Success

We’ve all heard of branding, but have you thought about why it’s so important? How do you develop your style and brand so that you’ll succeed in your career? Special guest Melissa Forziat joins us for an illuminating interview all about crafting your branding. With Melissa’s experience as a small business marketing coach and event manager, she has all the tips you need to know.

Melissa starts by offering some pointers on making the perfect business brand. She then dives into something that’s equally important, but often overlooked: personal brand. Believe it or not, personal branding – and learning to sell yourself – could be the secret ingredient to unlocking career success. Luckily, Melissa is here to help you create strong branding and achieve greater heights in your job.

Before you listen to the podcast interview, check out eight handy tips to fast-track your branding development. Find out how to craft a brand for your business as well as your own personal brand. Get our free PDF resource below:
For more information, visit these resources:
Now that you’ve downloaded your resource, check out our full interview with Melissa Forziat. Listen to the podcast below:
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