Why Your Inter-Personal Relationships Unwittingly Lead to Burnout - Dr. Cassandra LeClair

Why Your Inter-Personal Relationships Unwittingly Lead to Burnout

Where does burnout come from? Perhaps your first answer might be too much work and not enough time to rest and recharge. However, your inter-personal relationships can also play a big role. How can they unwittingly burn you out? We spoke with communication expert Dr. Cassandra LeClair about inter-personal relationships and how to make them healthier for you.

Watch our podcast with Cassandra LeClair to learn about inter-personal relationships and burnout:

Cassandra LeClair is a communication consultant, author, and motivational speaker. She is an expert on communicating in relationships and improving connections.

Cassandra helps high-achieving women lead through intentional communication so that they can take aligned action and embody their personal power. 

Dr. LeClair’s mission is to educate individuals on how to understand their communication patterns to have effective and healthy communication to enhance their professional and personal relationships.

How did Cassandra become a communication consultant? We start our conversation with her origin story: how her career began, how she got to where she is now, and why inter-personal relationships are so important to her. She describes her passion for helping others improve their communication and relationships.

Cassandra then explains her process for working on communication between people. How do we better understand each other and communicate ourselves? How can we listen better and show caring for one another? Cassandra outlines the best methods to navigate inter-personal relationships in ways that are healthy for all involved.

We each face obstacles, whether internal or external. Cassandra shares some of the hurdles she’s overcome, as well as the kinds of blocks she helps her clients get around. By their very nature, relationships with others can present disagreements and, thus, obstacles. However, with the right communication tools, those can be smoothed over.

We end our conversation with Cassandra’s actionable tips to improve your inter-personal relationships and manage burnout.

Listen to our podcast with Cassandra for more about healthy communication:

To learn more, check out Cassandra LeClair’s official website and get her guide for “30 Ways To Say No Without Guilt” here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

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